Donor Egg Cycle

“Sometimes when making something more precious, beautiful and unique, it takes an extra helping heart.”
This is an answer to many women who crave for motherly feelings. Many fertile women after complete evaluation are recruited with legal consent (agreement) for donating eggs.

Who Needs Donor Egg Cycle?

  • Women with poor ovarian reserve
  • Pre mature ovarian failure
  • Multiple failed IVF cycles
  • Loss of a child at advanced age


  1. Criteria of donor selection
    • Young women less then 30yrs of age
    • Married with atleast one healthy child
    • No medical history
    • No genetic disease
    • Recruited through a registered agency
    • Identity of the donor is not disclosed
    • Physical characteristics of the donor are matched as close as possible to the intending parents (blood group, height, complexion, hair and eye colour, education etc)
  2. Physical examination and Evaluation of the donor with necessary blood test (CBC, HIV1 &2, VDRL, HBSAG, HCV, Thalassemia, Blood group, HBA1C, Blood Sugar Random, Thyroid profile, COVID test etc) and ultrasound is done.
  3. After selecting a donor, she undergoes ovarian stimulation followed by ovum pickup. 36 hours after the trigger injection, OPU (ovum pickup) is scheduled (Eggs can be used fresh or can be frozen for further use).
  4. Simultaneously recipient’s endometrium (uterus) lining preparation is done by using oral medications and monitored by ultrasounds.
  5. Husband’s semen is collected on the same day as of ovum pickup (after abstinence for 2-3 day), also a backup sample is frozen before IVF
  6. The eggs collected from the ovary of the donor and sperm from the recipient’s husband are then fertilized in the IVF lab to form embryos.
  7. After 3 days or 5 days the resultant embryo is transferred back into the uterine cavity of the recipient or embryos can be frozen for later use
  8. 14 days after the transfer, a blood test called Beta HCG is done to check for the pregnancy.

What We Expect From You

  1. Clear understanding of the procedure
  2. Decision making is difficult psychologically but once made outcome is fulfilling in terms of emotional need of parenthood.
  3. Trust and faith in yourself, clinic for the fact that the confidentiality will be maintained under all circumstances

No.Of Visit And Hospital Stay

  • 4-5 visits to the clinic for ultrasounds (Endometrium monitoring).
  • Ovum pickup and Embryo transfer is a day care procedure.

Frequently asked questions

Q1. What is donor egg cycle?

Ans:- Women with poor ovarian reserve or any other issues can opt for donor egg cycle in which, many fertile women after complete evaluation are recruited with legal consent (agreement) for donating eggs. After egg pickup, the egg is fertilized by husband’s (recipient) sperm and the embryo is transferred in the recipient’s uterus.

Q2. What is the difference between fresh donor eggs and frozen donor eggs?

Ans:- There is no difference between fresh and frozen eggs. Frozen eggs can be used in future.

Q3. What is the success rate of donor egg cycle?

Ans:- 90-95%

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